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Marketing & Fulfilment Team | Full Time Basis

The Marketing and Fulfilment Manager reports to the COO and is responsible to execute all Marketing projects for our brands and deliver products and services sold to Yellow’s clients. The person will manage projects, assign resources, report on their status and act as a go-between to connect Account Managers to relevant departments and personnel within the organisation. 


The Web Designers, Content Specialists, Client Services Administrators and the Marketing Executives report to the Marketing & Fulfilment Manager in order to fulfil all the products and campaigns bought by our clients and any needed content and campaigns for our brands. Building, growing and managing all the people within the team is another essential task within this role. 



  • Creating innovative Marketing campaigns on all mediums
  • Scheduling projects and making sure that quality and KPIs are being met while keeping the Department and Organisation’s Projects Management systems constantly updated
  • Build a good relationship with the local newspapers and taking care of all the PR
  • Communicating with all the suppliers and agencies Yellow works with to deliver the Marketing campaigns on time
  • Taking care of all the communication being published on the company’s social platforms
  • Working hand-in-hand with the Marketing and Fulfilment team to reach the department’s goals
  • Assisting Yellow’s Account Managers, the team who are constantly facing clients and promoting our Online Services
  • Making sure processes are being followed when clients’ products are being delivered, deadlines are met and quality is always reached
  • Deliver any projects and tasks requested by the COO of the company
  • Responsible for delivering personal KPIs, department’s goals and KPIs and managing the Marketing and Fulfilment team while making sure their KPIs are being met and constantly analysing the workflows to become more efficient
  • Pinpointing any skill gaps within the Marketing and Fulfilment team and assign training accordingly



Attitude and Attributes

  • Experience in creating Marketing campaigns on all mediums
  • Be change-oriented, create systems and practices to continually improve the company’s delivery capabilities
  • Must be forward-thinking and constantly improving processes and procedures
  • Be task-oriented and efficient without being overbearing
  • Resourceful and addresses challenges in various ways with practice ethical decision making
  • Is very capable of managing conflict and assessing the various points of view individuals bring to a discussion or topic
  • Good communicator in order to organise and manage the day to day operations smoothly
  • Must be patient and are excellent at managing stress and pressure
What We Offer
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Regular investment in training & personal growth

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Being Part Of A Dynamic Team


Work with a local market leader in SEO & Search

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Flexible Hours & Remote Work Opportunities

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Ability To Work On Own Projects

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Fun Team-Building Events


Use Of Kitchen & Chill-out Area

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Table Tennis & PlayStation Room

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Pool Table

Junior Content Writer

I've been working at Yellow since 2013 and although I left on a different work venture, I've always kept contact with the Yellow family. I returned to work with the company in 2017 and it felt like I never had left. Apart from great colleagues and friends, here I get to do a job that lets me be creative. The company has always invested to create new products for clients.

Sales Specialist

I have been working here for the past 5 months and it has been an amazing experience. At Yellow we are like a family and you get to meet amazing people. Every day is exciting because it brings new opportunities and challenges. I never imagined that I would be so enthusiastic to go to work every morning. Thank you Yellow for the great experience.

Junior Content Writer

I have been working with Yellow for over 2 years now and from the very first look around I could see that it was a great opportunity within a captivating environment. I have found some of the best of friends within my team and everyone is always very supportive and helpful and you never feel as if you are all on your own. I wouldn’t give up this friendly atmosphere and our awesome teamwork for anything.

Customer Service Manager

What I love about Yellow mostly is that it felt like a family from day one, and today 25 years on, despite its growth it still has that special family feel to it. I am blessed that my team is loyal, hardworking, responsible and are very passionate. We all work hard but we do it gladly because we are rewarded with respect.