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"I wanted a challenging job which gives me energy and motivation to keep going and I can say that I found the perfect combination."

Krystabel Galea

Production Supervisor

7 years ago after I graduated from University in Communications and Maltese I joined the company as a Production Coordinator. After 4 years I got promoted to a Production Supervisor. During these years I grew not only professionally but even personally because the company gave me enough challenges to start thinking and acting in a different and innovative manner. We are expanding our horizons into the digital world and I can’t wait to see what new adventures this will bring. 

As a Production Supervisor I have a team of 10 people and together we are responsible to fulfil all the products bought by our clients. We spend enough time together that we are like a second family. Yellow entrusts me with the printing of our directory. Every year I fly to Germany to supervise the printing and binding process. Seeing the directories getting ready fills me with amusement to keep accomplishing. After 10 days I come back with great satisfaction and more experience under my belt.

Like all businesses we have peak months and targets to reach. Seeing all the departments working hand-in-hand to reach our goals is something which gives me that boost and smile on my face to constantly look forward and face new tasks.

Nicholas Diacono

Distribution and Premises Manager

I joined Yellow way back in April 2006, I was looking for a change after working with a local Media house for a number of years, before that a mix of businesses and over sixteen years in the catering business. Yellow Pages offered me to take over Marketing and to set-up a distribution department from scratch as previously distribution was outsourced to a third party.

What was really exciting about this was the fact that I was told that there were distribution penetration rates that needed to be met and surpassed, how I did it was completely in my hands. Basically the challenge put to me was not one I could miss out on. Personally and professionally I grew over the years, working with a team that completely bleeds Yellow.

Leading a team of around eighty people for ten days a year and managing to reach and even better expected targets is a huge confidence boost. I learned over the years that being passionate about what you do is contagious and makes your team stronger. With great satisfaction and pride I see the same people come back year after year always ready for any changes or challenges, and we have had many over the years.

The team at Yellow has become like my second family, we work hard together, know how to have a good laugh and relax as well.

David Borg

"When I joined Yellow I was hooked on the premise that I could add value. After a year I feel that I have an opportunity to grow and be part of a very dynamic and enticing future."

David Borg

Human Resources Manager

I joined Yellow because I could feel that I was gonna have fun, I was going to challenge my mind and I was going to add value.
I feel a better person working at Yellow because I come home to many genuine people. As a professional this was the leap that I needed. I love my job but the business aspect of people is mind blowing.

The owners of this business have given us the opportunity to lead this organisation in a professional manner. Empowerment is great. The people here are so passionate. Everyone gives his utmost for the success of the business. The mixture between old and new has given this workforce so much power.

Here we listen and our contribution has weight. My funniest story was when I thought that somebody ate my chicken from the staff fridge. Then I realised that I hadn’t seen it and I got the mick out of all which was fine! Yellow is a great place to work. It is constantly changing and here people can grow.

Tania Mercieca

Call Centre Supervisor

Here at Yellow all employees are very dynamic team players and their guiding motto is “we bleed yellow”. These are the factors that most attract me to work for this company.

I joined the company back in 2002 in the position of Accounts Clerk which after some years, I had to leave for personal reasons. When I started seeking employment again Yellow was my natural option and the company accepted me, giving me the chance to work back in the accounts department and helping out the call centre department on part-time basis.

This was the time when I discovered a new passion. Yellow gave me the opportunity to attend for the intensive sales training that was provided every year by foreign professionals and since then, sales has become my profession. The sales team always inspired me and I was very happy that the company gave me the opportunity to form part of it, but never did I imagine that after many years of training and experience, I would be training sales people myself. After years working in the call centre as a sales executive, I was promoted to a Call Centre coach. Nowadays I hold the position of a Call Centre Supervisor, managing and leading my own sales team, towards success and goal achievements. The company is made up of 70 hard-working people, which I call my second family and together we work hand-in-hand to achieve the company’s objectives. Yellow provides opportunities for growth to all those who want to achieve it.