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Our Yellow stars

Krystabel Galea

Fulfillment & Production

7 years ago I joined Yellow as a Production Coordinator. After 4 years, I got promoted to a Production Supervisor. During these years I grew both professionally and personally. 

Like all businesses we have peak months and targets to reach. Seeing all the departments working hand-in-hand to reach our goals is something which gives me that boost and smile on my face to constantly look forward and face new tasks.


nicolas diacono

HR & Premises

I’ve been working with Yellow for the past 14 years. I took over Marketing and set-up a distribution department from scratch. Personally and professionally I grew over the years, working with a team that completely bleeds Yellow. I learned over the years that being passionate about what you do is contagious and makes your team stronger.

The team at Yellow has become like my second family, we work hard together, know how to have a good laugh and relax as well.


Call Centre Supervisor

Here at Yellow all employees are very dynamic team players and their guiding motto is “we bleed yellow”. These are the factors that attracted me to work for this company 18 years ago. This company gave me the opportunity to attend the intensive sales training that was provided every year by foreign professionals and since then, sales has become my profession. 

The company is made up of hard-working people, which I call my second family and together we work hand-in-hand to achieve the company’s objectives.


Roberta Muscat

Accounts Supervisor

I have been working at Yellow for the past 18 years. What I love the most about this company is that people take their work seriously. Everything is done in a meticulous and efficient manner, and that means a lot to me. Being part of this company means that you’re part of a big, loving and supportive family.

Michael Cassar

Project Leader

Before I had even joined Yellow I realized that I would be joining a serious, well-run company. Once I was brought into the Yellow Family I saw first hand how well organised the company was. Everybody knew what was expected of them and everybody shared the same goal. Yellow is definitely a company to be proud to be working for.

Monirathana Ly

Graphic Designer - Intern

I arrived at Yellow in November 2019 for a three month internship. I was immediately impressed by the atmosphere... Yellow has a unique charm that you can immediately feel!

My teammates were very welcoming and provided a very enjoyable team experience. Throughout my time at Yellow I was able to learn how to work in a dynamic environment, enhance my designing skills (especially when it comes to motion design) and of course, improve my English.

Being part of the Yellow Marketing Team enhanced my competences and provided me with great memories that I will take back with me to France.

Kathryn Gatt Balzan

Customer Success Supervisor

I have been working with Yellow for the past 12 years, and one of the things that I immediately loved about this company is that it invests in people, if you are struggling, or you feel you need specific training, Yellow takes action. 

Lately with our digital transformation we have this great opportunity to evolve and grow, and Yellow is supporting each and every one of us by giving us specialized training to help us succeed and honestly, I feel really lucky. 

Yellow to me is not just a workplace, it is family. I always feel encouraged, supported and appreciated. I am really proud to be part of the Yellow team.

Our leaders' perspective

"What I love about Yellow is that it felt like a family from day one, and today despite its growth, Yellow still has that special family feel to it. When I joined Yellow almost 25 years ago, we were less than 10 employees, and today we are over 60."


Sharon Zammit

Executive Director

"I have been working at Yellow for 22 years. What really attracted me to this job when I first joined the company, was that I recognised the value that it delivered to both users and customers. Yellow allows its employees  to grow holistically ."


Jason Gafà 

Managing Director

"I have been working at Yellow for the past four months. I wanted to join a company that would enable me to participate in the overall improvement of digital services in Malta. What I  love about working here, is the  great working environment ."


Fabien Humbert


"I have been part of the Yellow team for over 20 years. When I first started here, it didn’t really cross my mind that I would stay here this long. The company has invested in me through training and personal development - something which has kept me motivated."


John Muscat

Finance Director