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IT Department | Full-Time Basis

Whilst working closely with the CIO, this role will support customer services, sales and production departments in their bid to succeed in their sales and marketing strategy as well as offer support with internal queries related to information management.

In collaboration with the CIO, the Systems Specialist will also establish and communicate procedures for the use of internal systems and the data itself as well as bring to light any operational issues whilst offering optimised solutions.


The ideal candidate must have excellent analytical skills and will communicate with CIO on users topics relating to the operation of Sales and CRM operations. Ideally the individual must:

  • Be willing to excel in Yellow’s enterprise systems, primarily Hubspot and Zoho
  • Have strong analytical & problem-solving skills to improve system processes and solve technical faults
  • Collect management information requirements and build reports that support our sales and marketing strategy
  • Have mid-tier knowledge in administering systems, HTML, and SQL for reporting development
  • Manage all third party software subscription services
  • Liaise with our third party supplier for both Desktop and Infrastructure Support
The right candidate that will take this role will choose Yellow to:
  • Work both independently and/or as part of a friendly team
  • Advance in the administration of subscription based CRM’s
  • Get a kick out of optimising / automating business processes
  • Own the data and reporting model in the company
  • Provide training and support when necessary to Sales and Production Departments

Customer Success Supervisor

I have been working with Yellow for the past 12 years, and one of the things I love about this company is that it invests in people. With our digital transformation, we got the opportunity to evolve and grow, and Yellow is supporting us by giving us specialised training to help us succeed.

Chief Financial Officer

I joined Yellow late in 1999 which makes it practically 21 years ago, occupying the position of Financial Controller. The work ethics of the Company had provided me with the right professional challenge when at the height of my career. Yellow has proved to me that we do not just provide jobs but above all provide careers in a professional and friendly environment thus making the job even more enticing.

Quality Control Manager

Throughout my 21 years at Yellow, my greatest satisfaction has always been that of bringing the best out of people and helping them evolve along the years. What I love about Yellow is that no matter how successful we have been throughout the years, we always look at ways on how we can keep improving.