Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Honouring all fathers who work especially at Yellow

- June 2017 

At Yellow we are also proud that we have a high number of fathers as part of our big family. Like all mothers at Yellow they too deserve some special treatment from the Company during the week leading to their big day! Father’s Day should be a special event for all fathers. At Yellow we make it a point to show them a special appreciation for their time, care and love for their respective families at home! When June hits, therefore, it’s their turn for some special treatment by the Company. It is our tradition that as a way of showing gratitude to all the dads working at Yellow, they are invited for an early breakfast before heading to the office. This tiny event usually consists of hitting a nearby restaurant for a good breakfast and a morning chat between the daddies. Being a dad plus working at Yellow is certainly satisfactory!


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