The sales team on lock up!

The sales team on lock up!

Our Sales Team found itself in a real pickle this week. Would you like to find out how they managed to survive?

The sales team was split in three teams and each one was locked up in a themed escape room. With only one hour time to get out, each team had to bring their minds together and figure out how to get free. But achieving this wasn’t that easy! The whole mission involved various challenges such as complex puzzles, resolving mysteries and problem solving mechanisms. Scavenger Escape is an exciting way of doing a treasure hunt combined with a mission to escape in the least possible time preferably.

This Yellow activity wasn’t only about having some fun time together but it gave the sales team the opportunity to put in their enthusiasm and work together towards one goal. The participants in each team needed to collaborate together and listen to each other’s suggestions to complete successfully the task. Undoubtedly, teamwork was crucial here and the sales team managed to put it in practice just as they do daily at the workplace.

Although every team did their utmost to be the first one out of the room, we had one winning team. Obviously, nobody had issues to celebrate! So, altogether they headed to a local bar afterwards for some social drinks. Where there is a refreshing glass of beer and some fresh local appetizers there is truly no escape!

This is how it’s done at Yellow!


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