painting is fun

​The Big Picture

Summer was blasted off with some good old painting fun at Yellow. Check out the budding Picassos in our company.

Upon arrival at the location, we were welcomed by empty canvases and a wide selection of paint. These were going to be our resources for the afternoon in the creation of THE BIG PICTURE! Divided in teams, the Yellow people were given the task to replicate two images on two big canvases. Obviously, everyone was a bit lost cause individually none of the paintings were making sense. Plus, not everyone was born to paint or draw free-hand.
It was a challenge for each one of us but thanks to the Yellow power of teamwork and cooperation, each team worked with one another. As all paintings were progressing and we saw ONE BIG PERFECT PICTURE finished, we felt proud and satisfied that in that one picture there was a bit of effort from all of us, which only made sense once every piece of the puzzle had found its other half.
It’s just like how things work here at Yellow. We might be all individual characters with our own talents and interests, but when it comes to delivering a ‘work of art’, we are always ready to put our heads together and work towards one goal. The digital transformation we’re heading towards requires all of us at Yellow to do just this and we’re proud that no matter what type of obstacle comes our way throughout this process, we will certainly achieve DIGITAL!


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