Call Centre… called out!

Call Centre… called out!

The Call Centre sales specialists were asked to ditch their phone and computer for a whole day, but still got to be productive! They were productive in simply having fun together.

It wasn’t the usual Thursday! With the help of the Human Resources Manager, the Call Centre people got the opportunity to get out and move around in the search for hidden clues in the Yellow premises. The treasure hunt involved one riddle after the other with a final surprise to be won! WHAT WAS IT?

The final prize was simply more fun! After the in-house treasure hunt, the Call Centre sales specialists headed out to an afternoon tea party. They go to relax their minds and do some more bonding after hours of laugh and thinking on solving together the treasure hunt. But when they thought it was over, it was not! After a nice warm break, it was time for more team building games to end the day with further connection exercises and a positive team spirit between the employees.

These sorts of surprises we do at Yellow for our employees are part of our mission. We believe that it’s not just about working together successfully but above all it’s about building solid human relationships. When the computers are switched off, the fun is on! And with Christmas around the corner, the fun has yet to increase for the Yellow family!


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