Communication Day

Communication Day

Since Yellow is all about sharing, a more comprehensive Communication Day was next! All employees were invited at Ramla Bay Resort for a whole day full of information and bonding activities to discover more on what’s next for the Company.

After kicking off with a light breakfast, Yellow employees had the chance to listen to two influential and motivational speakers on the benefits of CHANGE, and moreover DIGITAL CHANGE! This important Communication Day saw also Yellow’s management doing important presentations on the power, strength and positioning of Yellow.

The agenda of Communication Day featured as well light activities that brought closer together the entire Yellow family. In the first activity, we discovered how well we could connect through single threads of wool, whereas in another session we brought our rhythms together with an energetic drum session. These activities brought us closer, literally!

As is the must in every Yellow event, we dedicated time to have an amazing buffet lunch while enjoying the views of Malta’s natural beauty. Later on, we concluded the day with some drinks while listening to a live session by Yellow’s ambassador, IRA LOSCO!

Overall, the employees’ feedback on this important day was very positive and we reached our objective. The whole team is seeing and engaging to the future of the Company which will be achieved thanks to its talented and dedicated people.

By continuing to work together and share ideas, the Company's future looks bright Yellow!


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