Feel the Yellow rhythm

Feel the Yellow rhythm

From beating drums to home-made instruments, the team at Yellow got a loud Monday morning this week.

Usually, the management does a short presentation on a particular innovation in the pipeline followed by extra details and discussion with the staff. In this way, any doubts and questions can be cleared out. However, this time, Ignition Monday was different from the normal format. It was quite a LOUD one!! 

Similar to what we have experienced few months ago during Communication Day, we had another interesting musical session led by Tribali’s frontman. Using instruments made from recyclable waste the staff started the morning with some positive vibration drumming and shaking to the rhythm. It was an interesting exercise involving teamwork and coordination with a twist.

As a slow starter for this loud Monday session, the management organised a fun quiz for the Yellow staff. Since 2019 will mark the last printed edition of Yellow’s Directory, the quiz was a good to relive the history and main activities of the Company throughout the years.

Laughter, that competition feeling and most importantly, great teamwork, were part of this Ignition Monday recipe!


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