Hot Dogs Frenzy

Hot Dogs Frenzy

When temperatures rise, it’s Yellow’s hot dog frenzy

-July 2017

As summer kicks in and warmer temperatures hit our island, busy-ness starts hitting Yellow’s offices. But, it’s nothing to be afraid of! While the Yellow staff is going round the offices slightly more hectic than usual to finalise the campaign, we still find time to enjoy the summer season together.And what better way is there to bring the summer vibes at the office than preparing some juicy grilled hot dogs for all the staff? Tasty hot dogs are synonym with the summer period and as is standard at Yellow, we never miss on traditions. As a yearly chill-out event we gather around the BBQ on the office’s rooftop to prepare some divine flavoured hot dogs while sipping on cold drinks to beat the heat. It’s our way of having lunch with a summer twist while perhaps many maltese are on a deckchair near the beach. WE LOVE IT!


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