Business Breakfast

Business Breakfast

Our digital journey is gaining both speed and momentum. Check out this week’s business breakfast.

Currently, lots of activities are happening almost on a weekly basis so that we make sure both management and staff are well prepared for the new ways of working in the Company. One successful event was in fact a breakfast held outside the office for the management team of Yellow. 

The Human Resources Team organised a healthy and delicious breakfast to discuss the 3-year business plan ahead. Gathered in one place, the whole management was given the opportunity to get involved in various group activities related to the Company’s digital transformation.

During this event, one could admire the great teamwork between the managers and supervisors of all the departments while sharing ideas and discussing. In this digital transformation, every department in Yellow will undergo challenging, yet exciting changes, so we are constantly making sure that everyone is updated.

This Management’s Breakfast took place in a hyped-up atmosphere where all the managers were brought together to listen to what are the next stages in Yellow’s business plan. Like this, they all got to know the important details relevant at this important stage to share with their respective teams. At Yellow, every employee will be part of the change, so the Company is making sure to keep everyone involved.

For the change towards digital to be successful we are working very hard every day. Make sure to stay on the lookout because there is definitely more to come from Yellow!


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