Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

A special thought for all the mummies at Yellow on Mother’s Day

- May 2018 

It wouldn’t be wrong to describe the majority of mothers as the superheroes without capes. Being good listeners, caring and excellent at multitasking are just few of their natural powers. We are proud that the Company employs a high percentage of mums who have been undertaking various roles at different levels. But, no matter what, they fulfil them superbly on a daily basis. Although Mother’s Day may not be a public holiday, here at Yellow we still consider it as an important big event to celebrate. On this special day we have made it a point to pamper all mummies at Yellow. We know how sometimes it can be a bit difficult to balance the office work and life at home. So, we make sure that at least on this one special day all Yellow mothers can have some time for themselves. During the past two years, in the week leading to Mother’s Day, the Company has turned a normal day at the office to a fun one. All mummies get to go either for an early breakfast or a high tea for some pampering to take a mini-break from the office. After all, it's not that bad being a mummy at Yellow!


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