The end of campaign party

The end of campaign party

The party of all parties - THE END OF CAMPAIGN PARTY

- August 2017 

The Yellow directory starts taking shape during the month of August with all booked adverts finding their place in the book. Last minute situations to be solved rapidly are also normal during this month, but each Yellow employee makes it a point to survive all this... in honour of the grand finale! Every year, everyone at Yellow eagerly awaits July 31st to end and roll on the calendar sheet for August to begin! Although this is the month of greater pressures in the office, it is also the month of letting loose completely. The Yellow formula of how to loosen up includes an exclusive venue, drinks, food and undoubtedly, dancing. This is why every employee at Yellow loves the end of campaign party! During this evening organised by the Company’s management we get to party together to celebrate yet another successful end of Yellow campaign. Innovative dance moves, big laughs and out of this world energy are the main ingredients that keep us going through this long night. Before heading to summer shutdown, there is no way of escaping this fun night when you’re working at Yellow!


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